Thanks, Farasha. I've been reading about Kathleen Raine recently, and find that you and she have a great deal in common on poetry. You may be familiar with Temenos, which she founded, along with Philip Sherrard and others. They do good work.

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Thank you again, Robert. Kathleen Raine was a wonderful person. I know some people who knew her personally, and they all say she was a saintly individual. I will be referencing some of her poems later in my series of articles. Her "Millennial Hymn to Lord Shiva" says everything I have been trying to say, but in a more concise and beautiful manner. Additionally, her book Blake and Tradition was life-changing for me when I first read it 20 some odd years ago.

By the way, if you are not already familiar with his work, I can highly recommend the poetry of William Everson / Brother Antoninus.

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