There’s all sorts of gods, all sorts and every sort,
and every god that humanity has ever known is still a god today
the African queer ones and Scandinavian queer ones,
the Greek beautiful ones, the Phoenician ugly ones, the Aztec hideous
goddesses of love, goddesses of dirt, excrement-eaters or lily virgins
Jesus, Buddha, Jehovah and Ra, Egypt and Babylon
all the gods, and you see them all if you look, alive and moving today,
and alive and moving tomorrow, many tomorrows, as yesterdays.

Where do you see them, you say?
You see them in glimpses, in the faces and forms of people, in glimpses.

When men and women, when lads and girls are not thinking,
when they are pure, which means when they are quite clean from self-
either in anger or tenderness, or desire or sadness or wonder or mere
you may see glimpses of the gods in them.

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What the dark God is can never be said—Nor, in the knowledge sense, known… I think the earth is alive—I think all the universe is alive… Turn again to the dark gods and have reverence again, and be grateful for life.


Whatever your relativity, that’s the starting point and the finishing point: a man alone with his own soul: and the dark God beyond him… Alone with God, with the dark God. God is God.—D. H. Lawrence